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Pennie DeWitt tells her story

Listen to Pennie DeWitt's Amazing Story! - Formerly known as 'Avalon,' a well-known psychic delivered from the occult and a jezebel spirit.

For the whole fifteen years that I worked as a professional psychic, I thought that every supernatural manifestation that I experienced was from the Holy Spirit. Except I didn't call it the Holy Spirit. I just called it "Spirit," among other things. And I had numerous Christian clients who claimed that the Holy Spirit was working through me. I started investigating Christianity and someone pointed me to 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, I was floored. I had always thought that the miracles were proof that God was at work. But there was always a price for those "miracles." Every time. . . I was delivered. I was full-blown possessed, and Jesus saved me. I believe it was the prayers of others that made the difference for me. I was the "impossible one." Even the people who prayed for me thought I would never get saved, but they kept praying anyway. . . Well, it took a really long time for me. I was in the occult for 26 years, and after I got saved, I think it took around 6 months or so for me to get totally free of Jezebel. Don't give up praying. If God could save me, He can save anyone. Pennie DeWitt

Part 1: The road to Jesus

Part 2: Secrets of the Occult


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