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The Jezebel Spirit

No matter what keep speaking KJV SCRIPTURE. Jezebel hates it! I am living proof of it!

There are only two types of doctrine:
the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of Jezebel.
If you are sitting under preaching where people are not repenting
then you are hearing the doctrine of Jezebel.
-David Wilkerson, Listen to entire sermon The Jezebel Doctrine-

Christ is saying... I've got something against're not dealing with the seduction that's crept suffered jezebel in your church wouldn't say anything about the seduction in MY HOUSE...spiritual fornication has become the main attraction in the church. It's dangerous, critically dangerous to sit under false teaching. False doctrine can damn you probably quicker than any other sin on the face of the earth and I believe that false doctrine by false teachers are sending more people to Hell than all the drug pushers, and all the booze sellers, and all the atheists on the face of this earth. Did you hear what I say? You said that's an over-statement? Not according to what I see. I'm gonna say it again. False teachers and false preachers and false doctrine are sending more people to Hell than all the drug pushers, and all the pimps and prostitutes on the face of the earth. Multitudes of BLIND CHRISTIANS...enslaved by false doctrine...and saying "Isn't it wonderful?"
—David Wilkerson, Listen to entire sermon Jezebel and False Doctrine-




I spent a few minutes surfing the internet. I cannot believe how blind and ignorant the CHURCH is. I see a very unhealthy AND destructive pattern of so many MEN falsely accusing ALL WOMEN of being 'jezebels.' THIS IS A LIE OUT OF THE PITS OF HELL! Sounds like men with misguided hatred for women. According to the crazy stories these people are writing the only way a woman could be saved from being called a jezebel is by wearing clothing that covers her legs and up to her neck, and she should NEVER indicate any interest in men whatsoever because otherwise she will be labeled "seductive." Men, of course, feel they are not responsible for anything. Men have slaughtered the Scriptures to fit what makes them feel good! Just put the blame on women and they can do whatever they please while the woman is their OBJECT at their WHIM, but when the man gets tired of her then she must disappear or else risk the destruction of her reputation. What a twisted philosophy that is!

I have a NEWS FLASH for you MEN! The jezebel spirit has nothing at all to do with a woman's make-up, or dress, and with your insane philosophy of what a jezebel spirit is the entire human race would become homosexual.


This evil spirit can dwell in men just as much as it does women! (See articles above!) I believe that men often label women as jezebels in order to justify their ungodly abuse of women. Jezebel in the Bible was a woman, but "SPIRITS" are different. People are NOT differentiating HUMANS from SPIRITS.

The jezebel spirit is NOT a 'he' or 'she.' It is a SPIRIT which can dwell in both men and women. Therefore sometimes this evil spirit is referred to as a 'it" or 'he' or 'she,' but it is really an 'it.' Spirits are neither male nor female.

The Holy Spirit is referred to in the masculine throughout the New Testament, although the word for "spirit" by itself (pneuma) is actually gender-neutral. The Hebrew word for "spirit" (ruach) is feminine in Genesis 1:2Bible quoteAnd the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.Genesis 1 verse 2. But the gender of a word in Greek or Hebrew has nothing to do with gender identity. [Read more at]

This woman’s beastly, primitive, predatory behavior is amazing. All she and her husband talk about is sex and aggression. How good their orgasms are at home. How sexy she is. How to be a good bully. They are the sex experts, even though they cannot make each other happy. This is godlessness, full blown ego and self-glory. And the crowd cheers on in laughter, and adoration, for them. Everything that is spoken says “Look at me, and how great and powerful I am. Be like me, not God.” There are two kinds of Jezebels- aggressive and sneaky. This is an example of the aggressive type. The violent, loud, harsh, angry, rebellious manner is supposed to impress you as “power.” No tender words for Jesus in all this.
-Marianne, Jezebel in the Church- Carnal Christianity-

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Thanks for your site - what a great resource!!! -Mark

Was led to your site just minutes ago and see the Hand Of GOD all over it. May YAH, the LORD GOD of Israel, use and bless you in ways we cannot dream or imagine. Love y'all! Brother Steve

Thank you for having this website!!!! Praise God!!! Halleluya!!! -Nina

Hi just want to say that I read your page and the prayer and the renouncing of sins and I have faith in the Holy Ghost in You All. I appreciate you all for reaching out and sharing the Good News of the Gospel. I believe that as I had been delivered as a result of walking through your page that others will be delivered as they walk through your post as well. Thank You All with Great Honor and Love. Peace Be to You All. Love, F.A.

I read the whole Jezebel segmant, and thank you for your stand, for the obedience, walking on in the face of waring with these spirits that hate truth seekers, even to there own peril truth, or Livers of the truth. -John
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