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The Jezebel Spirit

When speaking about the jezebel spirit it has nothing to do at all with a woman's make-up, or dress.


This evil spirit can dwell in men just as much as it does women! I believe that men often label women jezebels in order to justify their ungodly abuse of women. Jezebel in the Bible was a woman, but "spirits" are different.

The jezebel spirit is NOT a 'he' or 'she.' It is a spirit which can dwell in both men and women. Therefore when speaking about this evil spirit it is referred to sometimes as a 'it" or 'he' or 'she,' but it is really an 'it.' All demonic spirits are neither male nor female.

There have been at least a few jezebel encounters in my lifetime. One of them I talked about at The Hard-Core Facts About Jezebel. Another far more hell raising, destructive attack I have described at What happened to me at TBN. Jezebel can destroy your whole life— relationships, jobs, your character and integrity, your ability to live in society.

Jezebel not only hates true "prophets of God," jezebel hates anyone who is a genuine Christian who knows the Bible and has spiritual discernment to expose the evil spirits. I am no prophet and yet I have been relentlessly attacked by Satan to the point that it is impossible for me to live a normal life anymore because I have been shunned due to lies.

Satan is the ruler of this world system. This is jezebel's time destroying the people of God and taking over churches in order to bring in spirits of lust, hatred, disruption, twist Scripture, divide people and marriages, and everything else from the pits of Hell. No matter what keep speaking KJV SCRIPTURE. Jezebel hates it!

Christ is saying... I've got something against're not dealing with the seduction that's crept suffered jezebel in your church wouldn't say anything about the seduction in MY HOUSE...spiritual fornication has become the main attraction in the church. It's dangerous, critically dangerous to sit under false teaching. False doctrine can damn you probably quicker than any other sin on the face of the earth and I believe that false doctrine by false teachers are sending more people to Hell than all the drug pushers, and all the booze sellers, and all the atheists on the face of this earth. Did you hear what I say? You said that's an over-statement? Not according to what I see. I'm gonna say it again. False teachers and false preachers and false doctrine are sending more people to Hell than all the drug pushers, and all the pimps and prostitutes on the face of the earth. Multitudes of BLIND CHRISTIANS...enslaved by false doctrine...and saying "Isn't it wonderful?"
—David Wilkerson, Listen to entire sermon Jezebel and False Doctrine-

Ahab and Jezebel
There are only two types of doctrine: the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of Jezebel. If you are sitting under preaching where people are not repenting then you are hearing the doctrine of Jezebel. -David Wilkerson, Listen to entire sermon The Jezebel Doctrine-


1 Kings 16 — 1 Kings 22
1 Kings 18:4, 13Bible quote(verse 4) For it was [so], when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the LORD, that Obadiah took an hundred prophets, and hid them by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water.)

(verse 13) Was it not told my lord what I did when Jezebel slew the prophets of the LORD, how I hid an hundred men of the LORD'S prophets by fifty in a cave, and fed them with bread and water?1 Kings 18:4, 13

1 Kings 19:1-4Bible quote(verse 1) And Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and withal how he had slain all the prophets with the sword.

(verse 2) Then Jezebel sent a messenger unto Elijah, saying, So let the gods do [to me], and more also, if I make not thy life as the life of one of them by to morrow about this time.

(verse 3) And when he saw [that], he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which [belongeth] to Judah, and left his servant there.

(verse 4) But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life; for I [am] not better than my fathers.1 Kings 19:1-4

1 Kings 21:23Bible quoteAnd of Jezebel also spake the LORD, saying, The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel.1 Kings 21:23
2 Kings
2 Kings 9:7-10, 22, 30-37
Revelation 2:20-23Bible quote(verse 2) Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

(verse 21) And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.

(verse 22) Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.

(verse 23) And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.Revelation 2 verses 20-23


The Jezebel spirit
How does the jezebel spirit target YOU?
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† I recommend Jonas Clark's books.


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We must LOVE the person,
but HATE the sin and the evil spirit that is inside them.

If you operate as a 5-fold minister, you are her worst enemy so this attack is normal. She wants to shut down your prayer life to get you out of the Spirit where she can "water down your spiritual power." The fact that she targets you is a sign that you have moved or will move in a gift or dimension of the Spirit which can do great damage to satans agenda. Also jezebels eunichs will be other spirits who will try to set you up and destroy key relationships that influence your ministry. The blood of Jesus applied all over your life will be like poison to her. Also read 2 Corinthians 10:5-8Bible quote(verse 5) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

(verse 6) And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

(verse 7) Do ye look on things after the outward appearance? If any man trust to himself that he is Christ's, let him of himself think this again, that, as he [is] Christ's, even so [are] we Christ's.

(verse 8) For though I should boast somewhat more of our authority, which the Lord hath given us for edification, and not for your destruction, I should not be ashamed:2 Corinthians 10:5-8
. -writer unkown-

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