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Paul and Jan Crouch, Founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network
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Why boycott TBN

A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish.
Proverbs 19:9

Trinity Broadcasting Network now referred to as "The Baal Network" or "The Blasphemy Network" for a reason. Watch video The Beast Network and see what is lurking behind TBN's program schedule.

After having been removed by force from the property at Trinity Broadcasting Network, I finally realized it was precisely because TBN IS NOW SATAN's TERRITORY! Has anyone else noticed how DARK and BLACK it is inside the TMC auditorium? It looks like a night club. The warning signs are written on the wall. All you have to do is ask Jesus to show you. Counterfeit Christianity, read and listen to entire message.

Ephesians 6:12 says it all for us. We fight not against these people whom we see in the flesh, but rather the principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, spiritual hosts whom we cannot see and who are using these people to carry out the plans of Satan.

The devil is using TBN to destroy the true gospel. TBN will bump anyone off the network who refuses to compromise the gospel. Incorporating beliefs and practices of Islam or any other religion into the Christian faith is to be violating Revelation 22:18-19.

"This compromise is going to permeate Christianity," Jack Van Impe said. "I'm calling for the old-time religion to be restored. God called me to preach. And I will not stand down for any man, for any church, for any Christian organization," he said. -Van Impe Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam-

Just as it says in Isaiah we are writing it all down before you to this rebellious and adulterous generation who refuses to hear and refuses correction...continue reading Isaiah 30:8-13, 20-22. Wake up to this great falling away (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and take a stand against the false doctrines and false teachers on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

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† Watch and listen for yourself video playlist
† Read false teachers, false prophets, false doctrines, and cults
Avoid the prosperity gospel lie
Merchandising in the church
TBN: The biggest and most evil force of unholy, false Christianity
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What is going on at Trinity Broadcasting Network
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It is better to be divided by TRUTH, than to be united in error. It is better to speak the TRUTH that hurts and then heals, than to speak a lie that will comfort and then kill. It is better to be hated for telling the TRUTH, than to be loved for telling a lie. It is better to stand alone with the TRUTH, than to be wrong with a multitude. Better to ultimately die with the TRUTH, than to live with a lie. -Adrian Rogers-

My TBN story

What happened to me at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville/Nashville, Tennessee
Arrested at Trinity Broadcasting Network
Message to the people of Hendersonville, TN [and to anyone considering to move here (bottom of page)]

Additional Scriptures

† Proverbs 15:6, 16, Proverbs 24:21-25, Ecclesiastes 5:10-17, Ecclesiastes 12:14, Matthew 23:12-16

Is 'Judging' biblical? Here is why we judge the church

Those of you who claim to be Christian but remain silent in the face of evil you are a CINO --Christian In Name Only-- and you make me sick. It is a witchcraft spirit keeping you silent. Do not be surprised if you are left behind to endure the tribulation period. You people are only 'Christian' when it is convenient for you. God forbid that you should ever stand up for anything. You are only willing to stand up when your friends do or when you can join a crowd. Well, that crowd and your friends will steer you wrong most of the time. The true test of a Christian is when they have the guts to expose evil and speak the truth while they stand alone, without friends and without a crowd. The "church" today is full of spineless jellyfish who will go to any length to remain in their comfort zone, never risk anything especially friends or a job. Well, what kind of friend lies to you? Yet, that is what most of you flock after ...LIES.

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And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14