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Boycott Trinity Broadcasting Network

What happened to me at Trinity Music City in Hendersonville/Nashville, Tennessee?

Betrayed and defiled by preachers, falsely accused and arrested, slandered, persecuted, and abandoned

My original public statement made on December 27, 2011 calling for a boycott on TBN

First, after departing from the crooked Sumner County law enforcement I sought an outside lawyer who gave me legal permission to post these pages. My lawyer strongly recommended that I tell my story on the world wide web. The objective of sharing the following information is to inform people about what happened to me at the Hendersonville, TN campus and also to disclose some of the trash going on inside the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Familiar with the former prime time soap called "Dallas"? Well, it was a JR Ewing stunt. JR known for using women and then disposing them at his convenience. Several men banded together... preachers, attorneys, police, and the judge. They did it all but pay me a sum of money to keep quiet and leave town.

As a peaceful observer of the service I expected to sit through another service as I have throughout my life free of harassment but I instead was forcibly removed by a TBN guard for no reason (Job 2:3) within five minutes of walking into the auditorium. On the evening of Friday, July 29th, 2011 the police arrested me. False prophet Marty Layton misused and manipulated the local police with a bribe to do me in on a false charge (Job 13:19 (NIV), Proverbs 17:23, Isaiah 1:23, Isaiah 10:2-3, Jeremiah 5:28 (NLT), Micah 3:11, NKJV). I was falsely accused of 'disorderly conduct' AFTER leaving the auditorium because I was trying to tell folks going into the building what these preachers were doing to me. When I repeatedly asked two TBN employees I know about what was going on then all I was told was that "We don't know. Marty just doesn't want you here." I repeatedly demanded an explanation because I had done nothing wrong but I received NO EXPLANATION from no one at any time! Read the reasons why I believe that I was wanted off the property by these men.

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. Romans 16:17

Knowing that I was completely innocent, TBN employees have all turned against me and succumbed to Marty's witchcrafts. After finding out the truth about TBN and the trash they are covering up then I ended my communication with TBN's attorney, John Casoria. I do have a recorded tape of a conversation I had with John Casoria's office proving that Marty Layton conspired with the local police to do me in with the law in this crooked Helltown. However, for legal reasons I am not able to post it publicly. Marty posed himself as a TBN employee with the authority to remove me from the property. Marty was NOT a TBN employee and he had no authority to make such decisions. TBN's unChristian employees clam up and hide. John Casoria and Colby May, both attorney's for TBN, are busy concealing evidence and plotting how to cover everything up. They refuse to acknowledge the truth. TBN and the people who work for this organization have sold themselves out to Satan. I am able to see exactly what Brittany Crouch Koper is up against because TBN employees are revengeful bullies. They will go to any extent to keep the truth from being exposed even if it means murder. Good for Brittany for standing up for what is right in spite of TBN's threats even when it means exposing her own family. There are massive counterfeit conversions coming out of this network and leading people straight to hell. Many people who answer the prayerlines are not even Christians. May God help the Crouch family get their lives right with God before it's too late.

Later in the courtroom my rights were again taken away from me when I was never allowed to give my side of the story before the judge (Habakkuk 1:4). My "public defender" changed his attitude with me since the first meeting. He had been bought off and he talked down to me like I was some criminal scum that needed to be locked up and put away permanently. I am citizen of the United States and as a citizen I am guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution but those rights were taken from me. Neither one of these preachers showed up in court to speak their lies in front of me because they had no reason to do what they did. They spoke their lies in secret. It was a giant plot. The law never cared anything about me or how I was framed. They followed the money. I have been subjected to harassment and character assassination. No court of law could make things right for me now. The damages are too great. Therefore, I am telling my side of the story publicly. A higher law needs to investigate these preachers. the Hendersonville TBN facility, and the local law enforcement. What were these preachers trying to cover up? Prostitution? Orgies? Drugs? Satanic rituals? It is fact that there is SEX going on backstage because the person who witnessed it told me. Paul Crouch, Sr. was also aware of it.

Evil men may also be scheming my death for exposing truth so if I perish, I perish (Esther 4:16).

Read more about these two fake preachers and what happened to me.
Arrested at Trinity Broadcasting Network


There were many witnesses but NO ONE would speak up. Marty's mindless, controlled followers walked into the auditorium with a 'glazed' look in their eyes Donnie Swaggart, Excerpt from sermon 'Beware of False Prophets'

Every false prophet and the false doctrine they teach, all of it, is accompanied by demon is a FALSE ANOINTING, a FALSE HUMILITY... it is like a DRUG or a NARCOTIC that goes out to the people and if you don't know the Word of God and if you are not led by the Spirit and if you are not leaning upon the Holy Spirit to guard you and help it is like somebody injecting you with a drug and you will be sucked into it and you will be deceived.
as though it were normal for people to be put out of the church. (Read what The Bible has this to say about people being put out of the church, 3 John.) I do not know how people can stand by watching injustice being done and do nothing. My blood will be on the hands of every witness who needed to speak up and refused! (Ezekiel 3:18)

I have been told that TBN employee's are threatened to keep garbage quiet. Other people refuse to get involved. People want to remain in their comfort zones no matter who gets hurt. People will make any kind of excuse to remain silent. Do not touch God's anointed? Ha! Satan's men are NOT God's anointed. There is a demonic anointing too. Did you expect Satan to show up with horns and a pitchfork? Donnie Swaggart, Excerpt from sermon 'Beware of False Prophets'

Well, what do you expect? Did you expect the devil to come walking down the isle with a pitchfork in one hand, a tail in the back and two horns? No, Satan comes and he infiltrates the church with individuals who have been UNHOLY ANOINTED, who exude a spirit of love, a spirit of compassion, a spirit of caring, a spirit and a attitude that makes people feel loved. All for the express cause, a reason, to fill their hearts and minds with that which, in some cases, looks like Jesus and sounds like Jesus but it's NOT Jesus.
He knows that he will never be able to fool you that way. Satan comes to you with lots of money, material possessions and promises of what you want to hear.

Genuine Christians have spiritual discernment and do not remain silent against the powers of hell. The Bible says to speak the truth, to expose sin, false teachers and doctrines but if people will not listen then walk on. God will take care of the rest. (Matthew 10:14, Matthew 18:15-17, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5, 1 Timothy 5:20-21, 2 Timothy 4:2) If you are of the silent majority, then you are a counterfeit Christian.

Then said the prophet Jeremiah unto Hananiah the prophet, Hear now, Hananiah; The LORD hath not sent thee; but thou makest this people to trust in a lie. Jeremiah 28:15

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Cross of nails. John 20:25
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