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Boycott Trinity Broadcasting Network

What is going on at TBN

What is going on behind the walls of Trinity Broadcasting?

The network prides itself on sponsoring liars, deceivers, frauds, money launderers, jezebels, homosexuals and sorcerers. And they are using YOUR MONEY to keep from blowing their cover and provide luxurious lifestyles for themselves which includes multiple mansions, vacations, alcohol, drugs, and sex.

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My mother and I have given many thousands of dollars to this network over the last 30 years trusting and believing that Paul, Jan and other ministers on the network were who they said they were. My mother even gave the tithe on her home when she sold it. In return for our faithful donations these preachers and TBN have caused me to lose my job(s) and my reputation. The TBN—illuminati connection targets YOU! They will use every means to attempt to control your life. These people destroy anyone who gets in their way and then lie about what they have done without batting an eye. They have no conscience. It was heart wrenching to learn these well kept horrors and furthermore that John Casoria, TBN's in house attorney and Jan Crouch's nephew, would allow a sorcerer to take my money and kick me off of TBN property all without cause and John admitted there was NO CAUSE! Read more about What happened to me.

These preachers that I was involved with here at the Hendersonville, TN, facility, along with Jan Crouch, Matthew Crouch, and some of the televangelists connected with this network are extremely dangerous people. They are NOT the people they portray themselves to be as gentle, loving, Christian people. It is all an act just to get money out of you! You get involved with these people and you are putting yourself in great danger. Anyone who tries to expose the truth about these folks they will label as 'crazy' and they can destroy your life in ways you never dreamed possible. These preachers live double for the camera and "fans," and another off camera.

Koper was in ministry at the network at the network 2011, but now she has photos online of herself dancing on a pole and her dad Minister Paul Jr. commented saying "is that a dude," instead of ministering to her. It is not a joke what his daughter is doing... His son participates in demonic Halloween festivities, and Brandon Crouch’s wife does hindu holy yoga and he’s the starter of TBN’s JCTV... continue reading this story.

Granddaughter Brittany Crouch Koper Speaks Out

Paul and Jan Crouch, Founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network
“People have been conned by my grandparents,”
Ms. Koper said. [continue reading this story.]
Read news articles about how you are being lied to, about the financial fraud, homosexual relationships, booze, parties and extravagant spending, drugs, and so forth. The stories that Brittany Crouch Koper has exposed about her own family should speak for itself how twisted TBN has become. After listening to Brittany's testimony and reading many news articles over the last few years one could conclude that while Jan Crouch lived a separate life in Florida with a married lover, Paul Crouch frequently held homosexual booze drinking parties in his home for which many well known preachers, televangelists and professing Christian musicians attended. Could it be that Steve Galiher's drunken escapade occurred upon leaving one of these parties? I have made an effort to write everything on this website with documented support. However, the trouble with TBN is that it appears that people are being paid hush money, threatened or intimidated in some way to remove information from the internet and be silenced.

One judge didn’t buy TBN’s arguments. David O. Carter, a judge in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California, on July 25 issued several rulings—some related to the documents—that mostly favored the Kopers. Judge Carter concluded: "Trinity’s several lawsuits, incessant demands for injunctive relief, and insistence on expedited rulings suggest that Plaintiff Trinity’s strategy is to overwhelm the courts as well as Michael and Brittany so as to avoid a rational decision on the merits. Thus, Plaintiff Trinity’s litigation strategy only lends credence to Michael and Brittany’s contention that these lawsuits are retaliation for whistleblowing about Plaintiff Trinity’s extensive fraud." [continue reading this story.]

"Brittany has done the right thing. It's admirable that someone
on the inside of TBN has come forward and is revealing to the world
exactly what is going on behind those closed doors," MacLeod said.
"No good deed goes unpunished at TBN."
-Attorney Tymothy MacLeod, continue reading this story-

"No good deed goes unpunished at TBN." Don't I ever know it since I have been shunned from society and slandered with lies. In May 2012 TBN obtained a court order for the Orange County Register to shut up! Looks like admittance of guilt from TBN, I'd say. For a year or more Matt Crouch was busy housecleaning. Anyone who defended Brittany or exposed the dark secrets inside of TBN was axed. I believe the following comments explain why the lawsuit against Brittany went to arbitration in July 2013 and also why everything and everyone at that point went SILENT!

TBN sent us further word that they will continue to execute hostages at TBN, so to speak, until Ms. Koper agrees to keep quiet about what she learned as TBN’s chief financial officer and corporate treasurer. We are told that the next employee to be fired at TBN, unless Ms. Koper abandons her allegations against TBN, is Ms. Koper’s mother. Time will tell, because Ms. Koper will not be intimidated by such ultimatums, any more than she has been dissuaded from doing the right thing by armed thugs or by Matthew Crouch’s threats. [continue reading this story.]

A text message from Brittany's dad, Paul Crouch Jr., from March 2012 says:

"Johnny (Casoria, the TBN attorney) told me that TBN would drop everything if you’ll fire your attorney. Just say'n." (Read more at Relatives threatened to 'destroy' Crouch granddaughter.)

Months later that is just what Brittany did, but she hired another attorney.

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