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False Prophet Kim Clement

TBN's Most Faved False Prophet, a Wiccan

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1999 film Revelation quote

In this quote from the film Revelation, Helen Hannah was speaking about the antichrist, but how much this sounds like the apostate church in these last days, the counterfeit Christians, and what Kim Clement said about "amputating" anyone who gets in one's way. I was the one removed and destroyed so someone else could have his selfish dreams come true. God does not want to win anyone with cheap tricks.

Witches form what they call "covens." They are everywhere. There are many in and around the Nashville metropolitan area. Kim calls his coven a "den." Wiccans, witches, and pagans sometimes meet in churches and even hold pagan concerts in churches. They also follow false "prophets" and use some Bible scripture. This is all part of Satan's disguise to send his people into the churches in order to confuse and pervert the gospel.

Kim Clements false prophecies (vs. true prophecy according to the Bible)

discrepancies and absurdities
heartKim's false prophecies [from Kim's own website] heartBooming economy and end of the United Nations
heartClement predicts California quake will bring prosperity to the nation heartClement says Obama will usher in an era of unity in America!
heartClement prophesies a booming economy heartClement prophesies a threat against the president elect
heartKim Clements Claims Hurricane Katrina Prophecy heartKim Clement Did Not Predict 9-11
heartKim Clement - Mouthpiece of Satan heartKim Clement Prophesies Assassination Attempt on Obama in 2010 [Website no longer available!]
heartKim Prophesies Over Benny Hinn [Website no longer available!] heartKim Clement prophesies to Paul Crouch
heartObama is God’s Man heartPolitical Upheaval in Government
heartThe Follower of Christ heartVarious false prophecies from Kim

So who does the Bible say is a true prophet? Read what the Bible says.

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